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Weyergans High Care AG

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The Weyergans High Care AG is a midsize company located in Western Rhineland in Germany. Core competencies lie in the fields of research, development and production of innovative cosmetics and medical applications.

Our principle claim: Technical excellence, ergonomic quality, sustainability and evidence.

The Weyergans High Care AG disposes lots of patents and is internationally represented in more than 40 countries. The company is manifoldly honored and certified to ISO / EN 9001:2010 und ISO / EN 13485.

The company was founded in 1983 by sociologist Rudolf Weyergans.

High care® cosmetics are holistic! Our unique institute and home treatments, cosmetic products and nutritional supplements are comprisingly build upon each other. Thus, all single parts of high care® cosmetics face and body care complement each other in an unreached and effective way.
For more than care. For high care®.


  • Medical & Beauty Devices

  • Vacustyler - intermittend Vacuumtherapy

  • SPM - Suction Pump Massage for Face & Body

  • IONO Jet - Plasma Technology

  • Products
    Beauty Products for medical Spa`s

  • OEM
    Design customized and innovative premium cosmetics


The Vacustyler® is a device for intermittent vacuum therapy –IVT - on the lower half of the body. The treatment is used for connective tissue firming, decongesting and purifying in the case of cellulite, for weak veins and as vascular training.

IONO JET Plasma Technology

IONO JET Plasma Technology

IONO-JET is an innovative tech-nology for carrying out cosmetic-dermaceutical treatments using oxygen enriched by plasma. Special serums, peptides, vitamins, stem cells and plant-based active substances are used. Depending on the condition of the skin and the aim of treat-ment, these are applied to the skin by means of high pressure and introduced transdermally.

SPM® Suction Pump Massage

SPM® Suction Pump Massage

Suction pump massage – SPM® – is a combination of cupping and massage (cupping massage). It is a holistically oriented, cosmetic treatment for the face or whole body. It is also suitable for applications in physiotherapy.


Dermio Care® Facial 

The Dermio Care® Facial is a treatment device to carry out dermionology® (from dermis = skin / ion = electric particle). The energy of oxygen is applied to the customer in the form of electrically negatively charged ions (plasma treatment).

The method pursues two aims at the same time: visible skin rejuvenation and total relaxation / stress reduction. The new innovation: a combination of colour therapy!


Weyergans High Care AG
An Gut Boisdorf 8
52355 Dueren

电话: +49 242 196780
传真: +49 242 1967820

Daniel Baehr
Export Sales Manager
电话: +49 176 56344491

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