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Vendoleo GmbH

展位号: 1E-N5C


Founded in 2011, Vendoleo is the global brand representative for treaclemoon outside the UK. Based in Munich, Germany, we are a small and highly motivated team that goes to work with zest: whether we roll up our sleeves, think cross-cross to develop bold ideas - we always focus on our beloved baby treaclemoon.
We like to create products that you will love to use... scrumptious smells, fabulous textures and a look that will sit with pride in your bathroom. treaclemoon was invented and introduced for the first
time in 2007 in the UK. The name is a composition of “treacle” and “moon”. Treacle is syrup, molasses or sugar beet juice and represents the luxurious and velvety texture and irresistible scents of the brand. The moon symbolizes the happy and carefree world
treaclemoon wishes to open for you every day.


treaclemoon toiletries offers bath and shower gels, hand and body lotions, body scrubs, body peelings, hand washes and body sprays across nine (and growing) irresistible scents. We know that true beauty begins from the heart. But we also know that a good mood is a fabulous little helper - and healthier, more effective and faster than all cosmetic surgeons in the world combined. A happy smile makes any face still much, much more beautiful at the blink of an eye! It’s like sparkling glitter powder for the inner values. And that's why the products of treaclemoon are not only effective care product that caress and flatter the skin, but also fragrant-intensive cheerful makers, funnycolored feasts for the eye and contagiously charming chatterboxes.

treaclemoon one ginger morning - bath and shower gel

treaclemoon one ginger morning - bath and shower gel

Like a fresh buzz? Whether you are a night owl or party queen, a sleepy head or morning grouch - the wonderfully fresh and intense fragrance one ginger
morning wakes even the most tired minds. At any time of day! Intensive fragrant shower and bathing fun, fabulously tender to the skin and rich and fine foam.

treaclemoon the raspberry kiss - body scrub

treaclemoon the raspberry kiss - body scrub

What is better than falling in love? The world of the raspberry kiss is full of butterflies and its raspberrytender smell reminds you of sweet secrets, conspiratorial glances and heartthrobs. Mild body scrub for silky-smooth skin, easy to use in the shower and soft rubbing effect with environmentally friendly Jojoba wax.


Vendoleo GmbH
Karlstr. 19
80333 Munich

电话: +49 89 4520516-0
传真: +49 89 4520516-29

Carl Melbinger
Managing Director
电话: +49 89 4520516-0

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