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DBT - Direct Beauty Technologies GmbH

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About us:
For more than 200 years the family Kiehl has been making instruments for bodycare of outstanding quality and design. Today Kiehl DBT is a leading expert for professional foot- and nailcare including training and equipment for podiatrists and beauticians. The range is completed by retail-lines of manicure and footcare of outstanding quality and design.

Highest quality instruments for naildesign and professional pedicure like nippers, burrs, footfiles and tweezers.
Pharmaceutical cosmetics for face-, hand- and footcare.
Design oriented retail products for manicure, pedicure and man´s grooming.


Producer of high-end quality professional instruments and accessories for pedicure, podiatry, manicure, cosmetics and naildesign. Our instruments are designed for the professional demand and everyday sterilization but also sold to consumers who are looking for quality.

The KIEHL selection of cuticle nippers is unique in quality not only by its outstanding material and ergonomie. The blades are sharpened by hand in more than 90 working steps and brought to a maximum of sharpness and precision. Our wide choice of shapes, jaw-lenghts and jaw-forms offers the right instrument
for every technicians demand.

We are traditionally developping all types of pedicure and manicure accessories covering professional demand. We offer the perfect tools for every specific application in podiatry up to mulipurpose instruments for all treatments on hands and feet. All our itms are made on a very high quality level. Nippers are
guaranteed for 5 years of use for all production defects.

KIEHL professional cuticle nippers

KIEHL professional cuticle nippers

KIEHL professional nippers

KIEHL professional nippers

KIEHL tools for manicure and pedicure

KIEHL tools for manicure and pedicure


Titancarbonide professional nail nippers 

KIEHL presents the Titancarbonide range, a superhard, diamondlike quality unique in podiatry and naildesign instruments. Due to the recently developed high-end surface, these instruments offer a surface quality as hard as a diamond. It consists of very small diamond particles, only some nonometres big, which are embedded in a surrounding of titanium and graphite. This surface is extremely smooth and closed.


DBT - Direct Beauty Technologies GmbH
Mangenbergerstr. 96
42566 Solingen

电话: +49 212 38341-0
传真: +49 212 208611

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