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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Combination toothing, coarse and fine on one tool

Two different cuts on one tool. Applied for German Patent. Characteristic: Coarse and fine segments on one cutter, this means unmatched cutting performance together with smooth surfaces, very smooth running and long service life

Exhibitor: acurata GmbH & Co. KG

frei öl® Shaping Oil – The Answer to a firm body thanks to White Lupine and Red Poppy Seed Extract

Every woman is different, nevertheless nearly every woman has something in common: Cellulitis. Over 85% (and only 10% of men) suffer from Cellulitis. Even though Cellulitis has a genetic origin, there more and more effective are ways today to fight against it. How does the frei öl ®...

Exhibitor: Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH

Frei öl® SkincareOil the No. 1 of skincare oil celebrates its 50th anniversary

When Walter Bouhon launched his first frei öl ® Skincare Oil in 1966, he didn’t know at the time that 50 years later his product would be the unbeaten No. 1 among the Body Oil market in Germany. In addition, the 50th million bottle will be produced in the anniversary year...

Exhibitor: Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH

30 Years Celebration

For more than 30 years, Courage + Khazaka electronic develops skin testing devices for the global market Often copied but never matched – due to their precision the methods and measuring devices of Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH come up to scientific standards. The broad range of...

Exhibitor: COURAGE + KHAZAKA electronic GmbH

Lancopharm Artolan Ointment (100 g Tube)

For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, sprains, and simple backaches.

Exhibitor: Crevil Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Germany GmbH

Lancopharm Diacolan Cream (100 g Tube)

Developed to meet the needs of people with diabetes who suffer from severely dry, cracked, itchy skin. Non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

Exhibitor: Crevil Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Germany GmbH

Lancopharm Stop Hair Face Cream (50ml Jar)

Lancopharm Stop Hair Face Cream slows down unwanted hair growth. This gentle yet extremely effective topical solution can be used as a stand-alone treatment to slow down face hair growth.

Exhibitor: Crevil Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Germany GmbH


We are very excited to pronounce the launch of GLYSOMED Baby – a complete range of baby care products, specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin from the first day of life! The GLYSOMED Baby care products contain rich and nourishing ingredients and are the perfect care and...

Exhibitor: Dreiturm GmbH

Innovative Mirror Dual Sharpener

A new sharpener for a more universal use: Always have a mirror available with your sharpener to make sure your make-up is (still) perfect.

Exhibitor: Eisen Sales GmbH

New: ALPINE BALANCE Body Treatment – the holistic detox

ALPINE BALANCE Body Treatment – the holistic detox! The new ALPINE BALANCE Body Treatment with a specially developed body care range effectively supports the regeneration process of skin that has become unbalanced after exposure to environmental pressures and the stresses of everyday...

Exhibitor: Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG

Precious FF Creams – The new All-in-One Day Wear

The innovative FF Creams combine the complex skills of BB and CC Creams in one. Our “Flawless Finish” creams give moisture, prepare and correct irregularities as well as protect the skin against the sun (SPF 20). At the same time special anti-age agents smooth wrinkles and refine...

Exhibitor: HORMOCENTA Kosmetik GmbH

Pure Baby & Toddler Care Series – 100% Made in Germany

The new HORMOCENTA luxury pure Baby & Toddler Care series uses only the best and purest ingredients sourced during 61 years of experience. Notably gentle formulas for the natural care of sensitive baby skin. We guarantee the highest quality Made in Germany for especially sensitive skin...

Exhibitor: HORMOCENTA Kosmetik GmbH

Titancarbonide professional nail nippers

KIEHL presents the Titancarbonide range, a superhard, diamondlike quality unique in podiatry and naildesign instruments. Due to the recently developed high-end surface, these instruments offer a surface quality as hard as a diamond. It consists of very small diamond particles, only some...

Exhibitor: DBT - Direct Beauty Technologies GmbH


When it comes to beautiful, fi rm skin, the best and most exclusive is just good enough. Trends and demand keep driving the world of beauty. KLAPP Cosmetics is once again ticking all boxes with its latest innovation in the beauty market: the Caviar Power Imperial 24H Jelly Cream. This unique...

Exhibitor: Klapp Cosmetics GmbH


Velvety hands in seconds. The nourishing, plant-based formula of the KNEIPP ® HAND CREAM “SOFT IN SECONDS” comes with valuable avocado butter, jojoba oil and lemon verbena, making the hands noticeably soft and supple. The KNEIPP ® HAND CREAM “DREAM AWAY”...

Exhibitor: KNEIPP GmbH


We are very excited to bring our Kneipp products and outstanding philosophy to the US in the year of our 125th anniversary,” says Christoph Hirschmann, CEO of Kneipp Group Germany. “This October, we will be opening eight shops in select high-end shopping malls on the east coast. Our presence will...

Exhibitor: KNEIPP GmbH


The KNEIPP ® BODY WASH "REFRESHING MINT & EUCALYPTUS" contains valuable natural mint and eucalyptus oils which develop their effects in the shower and provide a unique aromatic experience. It is refreshing in the summer and beneficial during the cold season. This soap-free and pH...

Exhibitor: KNEIPP GmbH


The Nebula Airbrush Make-up Sets in 6 assortments consists of 6 innovative silicone colors each for eye shadow or blusher. Due to its micronized pigments, Nebula provides an extraordinary natural and flawless finish and is scientifically formulated to deliver a long-lasting, durable result. It...

Exhibitor: KRYOLAN GmbH

American Nails - Professional Nail modellage NOVELTY: Easy-Peasy Gel Lacquer 2-step system

As one of the first suppliers of professional nail modellage and artificial nails in Germany, AMERICAN NAILS looks back on over 30 years of experience. This well-foundated knowledge is omnipresent in all AMERICAN NAILS products. We are constantly working on developing and improving pur products....

Exhibitor: MALU WILZ Beauté GmbH

MALU WILZ Lift & Contour Eye Complex Special cooling effect with ceramic applicator

The pampering eye concentrate with lifting properties provides intensive moisture and firms the delicate eye area after the first application. Hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles for the long term, while Matrixyl™3000 supports the skin's own repair processes and improves its...

Exhibitor: MALU WILZ Beauté GmbH

Babyheart - Gentle Care for your little ones

Natural by principle The products of the new Babyheart® care series represent this philosophy and they pamper and care for soft baby skin to the highest level, with essence of heartsease and calendula. As long known in traditional medical botany, heartsease and calendula essence provide...

Exhibitor: Maxim Markenprodukte GmbH & Co. KG

Artes Florales - a story about a girl, flowers and a dream

Loving flowers since she was a child, she opened her own flower boutique. She created the most wonderful and personal bouquets for her clients. She believes that every person deserves its own flower combination - because we are all individuals, just like flowers. She has a talent for beautiful...

Exhibitor: Maxim Markenprodukte GmbH & Co. KG

Cosnature - The ideal combination of Nature and effect

The ideal combination of nature and effect: the NATRUE certified natural cosmetics range cosnature ® Natural beauty program! The health and well-being of the human being are promoted by ingredients from the nature. The gentle and natural care of cosnature ® serves to stimulate and...

Exhibitor: Maxim Markenprodukte GmbH & Co. KG

The MBR® FibroBoost Complex has been developed exclusively for the use of MBR®.

What is the MBR ® FibroBoost Complex? It is an anti-ageing peptide complex which targets the cell functions of the fibroblasts. The MBR ® FibroBoost Complex is embedded in the patented CapsulesTM carrier system, which transports it to the fibroblasts which it stimulates. This...

Exhibitor: MBR Medical Beauty Research GmbH

21 Trans-Dermal®- Next Generation Cosmetics with high-innovative active ingredient ReNew 21

The modular design of the 21 Trans-Dermal ® series is created in such a manner that every product, separately, already provides the full effect. Due to the combination with complementary products of the 21 Trans-Dermal ® series, this effectiveness can be increased further, thanks to...

Exhibitor: MBR Medical Beauty Research GmbH

Lifting Eye Patches

The extremely effective Lifting Eye Patches, based upon state-of-the-art active ingredients, combined with a high-grade collagen fleece mask, correct signs of fatigue and all indications of skin ageing in no time at all and have a pleasantly soothing effect on the skin. Your eye area looks...

Exhibitor: MBR Medical Beauty Research GmbH

Cuticle tweezer

Product-News! We like to introduce the new member of the Nippes-Family: The cuticle-tweezer. Similar to a cuticle scissors you can remove needless cuticle rests very easy. The implement is small, handy and works efficient like a tweezer.

Exhibitor: Gebrüder Nippes GmbH & Co. KG

Ultimate Stem Cell Cream

Plant stem cells of the alpine rose strengthen the skins own stem cells vitality. The stem cells stay active longer and can therefore promote a longer self regeneration process of the skin.

Exhibitor: ROSA GRAF - Heitland Cosmetics

BB Cream

Combines several beauty products in one tube: Caring cream, Make-up, Concealer. Additionally, this formulation calms reddenings and irritations, conceals small irregularities and dark circles around the eyes dissapear.

Exhibitor: ROSA GRAF - Heitland Cosmetics


The best combination of nature and science. Active agent concentrates for Institute/Studio treatments. The range includes various active ingredient concentrates in a 30 ml MULTIPOULE. Each Multipoule is enough for up to 15 treatments. For every bottle we deliver a 2ml syringe to allow a precise...

Exhibitor: ROSA GRAF - Heitland Cosmetics

Liquid Foundation 2nd Skin

A foundation that is as ultralight as a serum and as gentle as a summer breeze with a fine, supple texture for an even, silky complexion. This LIQUID FOUNDATION feels like a light touch of nothing on your skin and fuses with it into a natural finish that does not appear made-up. The liquid...


Soirée Glamour

Be the star of this fall/winter season. Whether on the red carpet at the Oscars, while sipping a glass of Champagne on the Champs Élysées or at a private party, you will be the glamorous queen attracting every glance throughout the evening. With “Soirée Glamour”...


UNIQ10UE cosmetics grows exponentially

Based on a proprietary formula for the best Anti Aging Agent nature has to offer, UNIQ10UE cosmetics are now available in more than 20 countries. First tests on the chinese market show extreme potential, which we will develop from 2017. If you want to be part of a success story contact us...

Exhibitor: UNIQ10UE cosmetics D. Wohlmuth-Mauk

Espoir® Breast Enlargement Cream

Espoir® Breast Enlargement Cream with its innovative active ingredient Commipheroline®, a plant-based active agent, provides the effect of the surgical method "Autologous Fat Injection". This gentle alternative to surgery gives your breasts more firmness and fullness. Thanks to its...

Exhibitor: Unigema Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Unig-Med® Hair Growth Activator Tonic

Unig-Med® Hair Growth Activator Tonic reactivates hair follicle stem cells for an astonishing hair growth. The innovative active ingredient Redensyl® targets the hair follicle stem cells to reactivate their division and stimulate their initiation of the anagen phase. Redensyl® acts...

Exhibitor: Unigema Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

World premiere introduction of Vermonde 1000K Dalton liquid cell-petides

Vermonde is extremely proud to announce its world premiere launch of its new line of 1000K liquid cell-peptides, exclusively at the venue of the 2016 COSMOPROF in Hongkong. In line with this exciting new product range, we have also designed and developed a completely new packaging of the...

Exhibitor: Vermonde GmbH

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